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We are a family-owned, American company -- our factory is located in California -- and we offer a unique, quality product that far exceeds the collectibility of imported resin figurines. Each Hagen-Renaker piece is hand-crafted, and because our figurines are ceramic and not plastic, they have a rich and distinct look that makes them an attractive and fast-moving addition to any store.

Here you'll find pictures of the entire line, including new additions, news about the company, and information about becoming a Hagen-Renaker dealer or collector.

Hagen-Renaker is currently in its 68th year. We have a large base of dedicated collectors who come from families where their parents or even grandparents got them started collecting our exquisitely crafted figurines.

Since our offices are located in California, we are easy to reach, and as a small, family-owned company we have a long-established tradition of superior customer service and quick response to any customer problems or concerns.

Hagen-Renaker was started in 1945. Over the years we have produced several thousand different models, many of which are eagerly sought out by devoted collectors. Our horses are especially valued. We sell in all fifty states, Canada, Europe, Australia, Japan, Korea and Hong Kong.

If you would like to carry the line please contact us at 909-599-2341 to learn more or to get catalog sheets and ordering information.

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