Hagen-Renaker was started in 1945. Over the years we have produced several thousand different models, many of which are eagerly sought out by devoted collectors. Our horses are especially valued. We sell in all fifty states, Canada, Europe, Australia, Japan, Korea and Hong Kong.

We offer affordable collectibles that are all hand produced. Since our pieces are miniatures, it is possible to have a large collection in a small space. Because of the two books written about our line, serious collectors can easily get information about their collections. Disney pieces produced by Hagen-Renaker in the fifties are sold for hundreds of dollars. Likewise, the Designer Workshop horses are in great demand; rare models have sold for as much as $1400 on the secondary market. A quick search of eBay reveals the active and fun secondary market in Hagen-Renaker pieces.

Aboard Noahs Ark

Jackie's Attic

Margaret's House


The best way to become a Hagen-Renaker Dealer is to contact Hagen-Renaker at:

Email: nikas.sue@gte.net
Phone: 909-599-2341
Fax: 909-592-8315

In order to fulfill governmental requirements, we will need a copy of your business license issued by the city or county in which you live and a copy of your sales tax license issued by your state government. So, for example if you are in Joliet Illinois, you will need a business license issued by Joliet and a tax license issued by the state of Illinois.

Since our offices are located in California, we are easy to reach, and as a small, family-owned company we have a long-established tradition of superior customer service and quick response to any customer problems or concerns.

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